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etokle – “The Golden Breed” EP

So I have been ignoring this blog. Since we last spoke I have recorded and released several albums, which I won’t delve into in this post. Rather, we would like to discuss the “new” etokle release, “The Golden Breed” EP. Please indulge us by taking a look at this very brief promo video:

Sporadically recorded over the last year, each of the six songs was improvised and recorded live to a small hand-held device, with minimal-to-no overdubs and almost no post-processing. All tracks consist of solo guitar only (with the exception of Here Come the Warm Jets, which adds a bit of synth and kick drum). The resulting output has an immediacy and loose structure that differs completely from the etokle debut, as well as that of There Is No Teenage Love.

Conceptually, we are defining the music on offer as “ambient surf guitar” – sort of a long-distance relative of The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Surfaris, et al. However, it is ambient through-and-through. Through these tracks we champion our hometown of Los Angeles, and Southern California in general, as a paradise that is continually being lost and reborn. It is an elegy, a memory, a faded hymn to the dreams of perfection exemplified by Sixties surf culture.

“The Golden Breed” is being released in partnership with Minor Sphere Records and There Is No Teenage Love and will be available through most leading online music stores starting July 31. We hope you will consider giving it a listen, preferably when lying down somewhere comfortable with a headful of fineĀ indica.

Track list:
1. Salt-Sparkle Green – 1:02
2. The Golden Lights – 3:18
3. Santa Monica Airlines – 6:08
4. Summersmoke – 3:50
5. The Slow Rollers – 10:52
6. Here Come the Warm Jets (Brian Eno cover) – 4:45