Infrequently Asked Questions

Actually, to be perfectly honest we doubt very strongly if anyone has, at any time, actually asked a single one of these questions while visiting this site. In fact, it might make more sense to title this section “Basically Lame Answers to Questions No One Has Ever Asked Directly” but the acronym BLAQNOHEAD isn’t as familiar as we’d prefer and, quite frankly, paints a bit of a confusing mental picture. So with that caveat in mind, it is our profound hope that the following answers enable you to go about your life in exactly the same manner you would have before troubling to click into this page. Thank you.

Q: Who?
A: All songs – while credited to various bands, musicians, performers, and spiritual fictions – are “written”, “composed”, performed, recorded, mixed, manipulated, distressed, ignored, taunted, and sent out to onto the Internets to die by etokle.

Q: What?
A: A blog devoted to purging the last 10 years of accumulated recorded material. We may have mentioned that already.

Q: When?
A: Throughout the last decade. Material posted was recorded between 2005 (maybe) and 2014.

Q: Why?
A: Please see “About This” for a full explanation.

Q: Where?
A: Everything was recorded at (null) Studio, currently located in Los Angeles CA.

Q: How?
A: With a computer.

If you have read this far, thank you for your interest. We hope these answers have been as enlightening for you as they were intriguing for us to ponder.

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