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Welcome to the etokle imaginary music blog. Each of the last four years I’ve started out with one intention: to finally “self-release” an “album” of “material” I’ve “recorded” in my “home studio”; each of the last four years has come and gone without so much as a “ringtone”. All the while the somewhat dubious output has piled up, rusted, crashed several computers, been remixed indefinitely, and occasionally (though not often enough) been unceremoniously discarded. The remaining assembled “product” has become a troublesome burden on both my hard drive and my (possibly misguided) self-identification as a “do-er”, and so, with the passing of yet another issue-free year, I have decided to make good on my (possibly deeply misguided) self-promise to dump my trash out in the yard for all the neighborhood vagrants to shake their heads over, pick through in the dark, and (probably) mostly regret ever having come into contact with in the first place.

This blog is the ultimate, final, and happily, only resting place for these long-since fresh ideas. Here the visitor not quick enough to realize his mistake will find a collection of imaginary bands playing imaginary music; tonal fields generated by too much wine, late nights, and not enough reality TV in the DVR; half-finished, half-baked, and half-assed attempts at instrumental “performance”; a group of “musical acts” whose only happy claim to fame is to never have existed in the first place. It is our hope that by offering these nuggets of pure imaginary gold out to the wild informational super-duper cyberspace highway that these long years of nagging, soul-crushing, gut-sickening procrastination will finally be well-atoned for and that we can all get on with our real lives; hopefully taking up useful, socially beneficial hobbies like those of our grandparents’ generation; before all this God-forsaken “technology” allowed every jack-ass with a moderately fast CPU and a (probably cracked) copy of ProTools to waste their brief youth chasing down “swimming reverb” and “warm midrange”.

It is with this in mind that the humble purveyor of this so-called “music” thanks you for taking your own unquestionably useful time to sample, download, and eventually delete the tracks on offer. We hope you can tolerate your visit, regardless of its brevity.
– etokle, 2009

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