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Autumn is for Ambient

So holy wow, you know – I haven’t posted up here in a long, long, LONG-ass time. It’s not for lack of new material; nope. In fact, I’ve posted up several new albums worth up at the old soundcloud. One, my “summer album”, will be presented here shortly – just in time for Christmas! But for now, I bring you a selection of ambient/drone material, perfect for cold autumn nights in front of the fire and/or sleeping in your clothes on the couch.

The selection of tracks included in this set run the gamut from old archival material from 2006 (recorded in the LBC no less) to brand-new work just created here mere hours ago. Some of this is already posted elsewhere, some of it is from “summer skulls”, some of it is potentially boring. Consider yourself warned.

And now without further ado, Ambient Autumn for the kids!

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