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etokle – the shoe

In honor of literally nothing at all we bring you the etokle custom colorway Adidas Gazelle shoe, available for the first time here. Maybe.


Inspired by the “classic” compilation “The Good Life Most Will Never Find” and the debut “the golden bear and other works” this shoe has been carefully designed to make you look moderately interested in footwear and/or completely unheard ambient/drone music. Limited to as many as ordered or 5 pairs, which ever is least. We have a feeling this will be a one-off but feel free to prove us wrong.


the golden bear and other works l.p.

etokle – “The Golden Breed” EP

So I have been ignoring this blog. Since we last spoke I have recorded and released several albums, which I won’t delve into in this post. Rather, we would like to discuss the “new” etokle release, “The Golden Breed” EP. Please indulge us by taking a look at this very brief promo video:

Sporadically recorded over the last year, each of the six songs was improvised and recorded live to a small hand-held device, with minimal-to-no overdubs and almost no post-processing. All tracks consist of solo guitar only (with the exception of Here Come the Warm Jets, which adds a bit of synth and kick drum). The resulting output has an immediacy and loose structure that differs completely from the etokle debut, as well as that of There Is No Teenage Love.

Conceptually, we are defining the music on offer as “ambient surf guitar” – sort of a long-distance relative of The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Surfaris, et al. However, it is ambient through-and-through. Through these tracks we champion our hometown of Los Angeles, and Southern California in general, as a paradise that is continually being lost and reborn. It is an elegy, a memory, a faded hymn to the dreams of perfection exemplified by Sixties surf culture.

“The Golden Breed” is being released in partnership with Minor Sphere Records and There Is No Teenage Love and will be available through most leading online music stores starting July 31. We hope you will consider giving it a listen, preferably when lying down somewhere comfortable with a headful of fine¬†indica.

Track list:
1. Salt-Sparkle Green – 1:02
2. The Golden Lights – 3:18
3. Santa Monica Airlines – 6:08
4. Summersmoke – 3:50
5. The Slow Rollers – 10:52
6. Here Come the Warm Jets (Brian Eno cover) – 4:45

Autumn is for Ambient

So holy wow, you know – I haven’t posted up here in a long, long, LONG-ass time. It’s not for lack of new material; nope. In fact, I’ve posted up several new albums worth up at the old soundcloud. One, my “summer album”, will be presented here shortly – just in time for Christmas! But for now, I bring you a selection of ambient/drone material, perfect for cold autumn nights in front of the fire and/or sleeping in your clothes on the couch.

The selection of tracks included in this set run the gamut from old archival material from 2006 (recorded in the LBC no less) to brand-new work just created here mere hours ago. Some of this is already posted elsewhere, some of it is from “summer skulls”, some of it is potentially boring. Consider yourself warned.

And now without further ado, Ambient Autumn for the kids!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&show_playcount=true&show_artwork=true&color=f30099″ width=”100%” height=”265″ ]

Going “Legit” With a Sure-fire Hit!

etokle – “the golden bear and other works” l.p.

etokle - the golden bear and other works l.p.

Long-time readers will undoubtedly recognize the cover at left¬† – with a few minor (though important) changes: we are no longer self-releasing this particular album here at Rather, Danish ambient/drone stalwarts Auraltone Music have recently worked out a contract with us to provide worldwide distribution for this landmark release (and by landmark we mean “first album”) and soon it will be available at better online retailers everywhere!

The album is currently available as a digital download at both iTunes and CD Baby and is in the process of being manufactured for full-on 20th century “compact disc” fetishists to eventually purchase, collect, and burn into iTunes! We’re also planning to give one to our mom for “scrapbooking” purposes.

We personally couldn’t be happier that this has come to pass and would like to offer our sincere thanks to Tim, Claus, and everyone else at Auraltone for having the excellent smarts and taste to contract this mighty work and help us to fulfill our New Year’s Resolution for 2011 (and most every prior year this century). This marks a banner event for us at, and we hope you all will help celebrate by buying multiple copies for everyone you’ve ever met or known in your life – take it from us, EVERYONE loves hours-long droning sonic existentialism!

From the press/publicity “kit”: “Debut epic from Silver Lake ambient guitarist/producer Erik Tokle, “the golden bear and other works” fluidly combines guitar drone narcotics, vintage synth warmth, and processed field recordings to create a release that weaves and warps the fabric of consciousness. Consists of three tracks exploring the dichotomy of Californian paradise lost and found, existentialist beauty, and the science of sleep as sonic blanket. A distillation of the geological timescale into a single hour, think of this as reality TV for the hypnagogic state. Goede tijden!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!